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Black water fountain feature surrounded by a paved walkway and foliage in Lansing, MI.

Water Features in East Lansing, Okemos, & Haslett, Michigan

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Our company offers top-notch water feature installations for homes and properties in the East Lansing, MI area, and nearby cities in Clinton County.

Thoroughly enjoy your backyard with a relaxing water feature like a pondless waterfall or a more striking feature like a grand water fountain.

A collage of water features including a fountain, a creek, and a well in Okemos, MI.

Your backyard should be your go-to destination when you want to escape the world and fully relax. We offer a fine selection of water features including bubblers, pondless waterfalls, and water gardens to name a few. Each feature offers its own set of unique advantages and aesthetics. Common materials we use to build these features include concrete, natural stone, and stainless steel. Water features are well known to increase curb appeal, enhance outdoor areas, and raise property values. Our team is highly skilled and trained to create custom designs and properly install these eye-pleasing landscape elements.

Give your outdoor living areas a truly unique ambiance that family and friends will embrace and enjoy being in. If you have a home or property in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, or Dewitt, MI, call us to get started with the water feature installation process.

Choose from our vast selection of available water features.

The best part about these landscape elements is that they range in size, design, and feature. There's a water feature to accommodate every client's landscape size and personal taste. From material to design, you are able to customize a water feature that best suits you and your landscape. Our selection of water features include:

Pondless Waterfalls

These are possibly the most sought-after water features among homeowners. Their serene and peaceful nature makes them perfect elements for those looking to add a more relaxing feel to their backyards. They create sounds of running water and are typically made from boulders and other natural stones.

A pondless waterfall made of stone in East Lansing, MI.


Bubblers are charming water features that are designed to mimic water welling and springing up from underground like those found in hot springs. They add pleasant water sounds to backyards and can be custom designed as far as height and size which makes them perfect features for smaller landscapes.

A round stone bubbler in Lansing, MI.

Water Fountains

This is an ideal water feature for homeowners who want to add a touch of grandeur and luxury to their outdoor living areas. They range in size from small and delicate to grand and dramatic. LED lights can be added to enhance visual effects. These water features can create a sound of trickling water or a roaring sound effect. They make for great focal points in large or small landscapes.

A close up of a fountain in Okemos, MI.


Streams are more elaborate water features that give backyards a truly natural feel. Streams carry a soothing water sound throughout the landscape. These are more suited for homes or properties with larger landscapes because of the other elements that are usually included with them like large stones and plantings.

A stone stream surrounded by flowers and shrubs in Haslett, MI.

Traditional Pond

If the idea of having living creatures living in your backyard excites you, this is the water feature for you! Ponds bring a scenic element to your backyard and are sure to get the attention of visitors. They are commonly filled with koi fish and vibrant pond plants. They range in size and depth.

A traditional pond with lily pads surrounded by stone in Dewitt, MI.

Water Gardens

The name pretty much says it all. These beautiful outdoor elements are filled with calming water sounds, colorful plantings, and are virtually limitless when it comes to design. They are the perfect combination of water and plants and will create a stunning focal point in your backyard.

A water garden surrounded by stone and bushes in Williamston, MI.

Our water features include custom designs, expert engineering and installation, and full-service maintenance.

Why are water features so popular?

Besides beautifying your home or property, water features offer many other benefits when you choose to have one installed in your landscape. Whether you're looking to revamp your backyard or completely redesign your landscape, you'll want to include one of these popular landscape elements in your design.

Common reasons why people install water features include:

  • A boost in overall curb appeal
  • A substantial increase in property value
  • They bring more of a natural element to outdoor living areas

Let our team of professionals design and install the perfect water feature for your landscape.

We have over 15 years of experience with designing, engineering, and installing custom water features. Our team is comprised of multiple landscape installation certified technicians who are properly trained in installation procedures and techniques.

For homeowners and property owners in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, or Dewitt, MI, call us at (517) 333-7999 to schedule a design consultation today.