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Seeds falling from a hand onto a lawn near East Lansing, MI.

Overseeding Services in East Lansing, Okemos, & Haslett, Michigan

Overseeding will fill in your patchy spots and give you a lush, full lawn.

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We offer overseeding services in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, MI and surrounding areas.

We use a premium seed blend with our overseeding services to fill in bare spots on your lawn.

As a property owner, it can be disheartening to see your lawn looking thin and dull. Our overseeding service will fill in those patchy spots and transform your less-than-stellar lawn into one that is lush and robust. We offer overseeding in the fall season when the weather and soil temperatures are perfect for the new, cool-season seeds. Our crew will spread a perfectly crafted blend of Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass seeds across your lawn, focusing on the especially patchy areas. Before long, you will be able to enjoy a lush, full lawn.

We offer our overseeding services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, MI and surrounding communities.

When do we perform our overseeding service?

Because our overseeding service involves growing new grass seeds, the soil temperature and air temperature need to be ideal in order to have the best chance of germination and success. In Michigan, all of the lawns have cool-season grass. This type of turf thrives best in the cooler weather, which is why we only overseed in the fall season. Overseeding in the fall will also strengthen your lawn as it prepares for the winter season. A thick, lush lawn not only looks great but will also be able to fend off winter stressors like weeds and lawn disease.

Another great fall season service is core aeration. Aerating directly before overseeding will give the seeds an even better chance of germinating.

We use a premium blend of Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass seeds.

The seed blend we use when we overseed your lawn will undoubtedly give you the vibrant green and robust lawn that you've always wanted. Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass seeds all have their own benefits, which is why blending them together will give you a quickly established lawn that is both stress-resistant and durable.

  • Kentucky bluegrass - This type of grass is known for its beautiful, emerald-green color. It establishes easily, meaning your new seeds won't have an issue filling up your lawn with strong, thick grass. Another benefit of Kentucky bluegrass is that it can resist disease and tolerate wear and tear.
  • Fescue - A lawn with fescue is a durable lawn that can tolerate cold and hot temperatures. Fescue is known for how low-maintenance it is.
  • Ryegrass - Ryegrass is similar to Kentucky bluegrass in that it establishes quickly. It can also tolerate wear and tear easily, meaning you won't have to worry about any heavy foot or machine traffic that your lawn receives throughout the summer season.

Expect a lush, full lawn in no time with our overseeding services. Call us today to schedule!

Picture of a healthy and green lawn

With all the attention you are putting to ensure your lawn is healthy, you deserve a lush and vibrant lawn that stands out from the rest. Our overseeding services will help you grow thicker and stronger grass. Our premium seed blend will fill your yard with grass that quickly establishes itself and easily fends off stressors like heavy foot traffic and extreme temperatures.

Since 2002, our company has been providing our overseeding services to the East Lansing, MI area. We pride ourselves in our exceptional results and work with you to grow your dream lawn. If your home or business is located in East Lansing or in a nearby area in Okemos or Haslett, contact us today at (517) 333-7999 to schedule your overseeding service.