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A stone retaining wall surrounding round bushes in Okemos, MI.

Retaining Walls in East Lansing, Okemos, & Haslett, Michigan

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Professional retaining wall installation services for home and business properties in East Lansing area and nearby cities.

Get a functional or decorative retaining wall for your landscape to reap the rewards of this multi-purpose hardscape!

A retaining wall with landscape bed surrounding a patio in Lansing, MI.

Retaining walls provide solutions for landscaping issues that other hardscapes can't offer. While decorative walls can add to the outdoor appeal of a property, functional retaining walls protect your landscape from things like excessive flooding and soil erosion.

The retaining walls we construct will last you years with almost no maintenance thanks to the durability and quality of materials we use. Our team is highly trained and experienced in installing functional and decorative retaining walls for residential and commercial properties in East Lansing, Okemos, and Haslett, MO.

What is the difference between functional and decorative retaining walls?

Each style of retaining wall serves a different purpose based on your landscape needs.

Functional retaining walls can be aesthetically pleasing, but the main reason for installing them is to:

  • Limit the level of soil erosion - Soil is easily displaced by excessive wind and rain. In some cases, for properties built on an incline or sloped area, soil erosion could even cause a mudslide.
  • Help reduce flooding issues - Retaining walls will help redirect water flow and protect properties from water damage.
  • Add more usable space - Installing a retaining wall allows you to better utilize your unused landscape space. You can segment off different sections of your property or have a terraced retaining wall suitable for plantings!

Decorative retaining walls can make a property look sophisticated. Some landscapes even have several short, tiered walls as a way to add depth and visual texture. They're also a great option for raised landscape beds and as a seating area around a fire pit or patio!

We will design and install a retaining wall made from boulders, flat stacked stone, and more!

We build retaining walls with highly durable materials so your structure will last for years. Retaining walls themselves require little to no maintenance. Once it's installed, there's nothing else that you'll have to worry about!

Your dry stone wall can be built using any of these materials:

  • Boulders - Just like other stacked stone walls, boulder retaining walls have the advantage of providing natural drainage. The boulders come in a variety of sizes and will affect the appearance and functionality of the wall.
  • Flat stacked stone - Freely stacked stone allows water to pass freely through the joints of the wall and are less susceptible to shifting and cracking. Installing a flat stone wall is also the fastest and easiest option for many property owners.
  • Riprap rock - The term for this material is used to describe stones that are used to build an erosion-resistant shoreline. These seawalls consist of rocks ranging from 6 to 30 inches and include a variety of stones like granite and fieldstone. We prefer using limestone rocks because they won't be impacted by water and erosion as much as other sedimentary materials.

A retaining wall under construction in Lansing, MI.

Our retaining wall installs help protect your property while doubling as a stylish hardscape! Call us today for an estimate.

If excessive soil erosion and flooding are ruining your landscape, your property will definitely benefit from our retaining wall installation services! Our team's master craftsmanship provides you with a unique solution that will protect your property while also adding flair to your landscape design.

We've designed and constructed hundreds of large and small stone walls for properties in the Greater East Lansing area and for communities in Okemos, Haslett, Dewitt, and more. Call us today at (517) 333-7999 to receive an estimate on your retaining wall project.