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A colorful landscape bed with flowers at an East Lansing home.

Landscapes & Planting Services in East Lansing, Okemos, & Haslett, Michigan

Landscape Renovations Starting at $2500
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Our company provides professional landscape planting services for homes and businesses in the greater East Lansing, MI area.

We provide consultation, design, and installation services for landscape plantings in residential, commercial, and HOA properties.

Our team of landscapers installing new shrubs and grasses in Okemos, MI.

Our company has more than 10 years of experience with horticulture and landscape design services. Outdoor elements like plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs beautifully complement outdoor areas and drastically improve curb appeal for homes and businesses. After installing landscape features, we provide routine maintenance such as pruning and landscape bed maintenance to ensure your plantings are healthy and looking their absolute best!

Our expert team members will work with you in a consultation to create a landscape design that surpasses your expectations and elegantly reflects your personal style. Once the design elements are established, our team members will professionally and carefully install those features onto your landscape. We offer landscape planting services to homes and properties in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, MI, and nearby cities.

Why Your Property Needs Professional Landscaping

  • Landscape greenery reduces outdoor temperatures and provides a cooler outdoor oasis
  • Increases the value of your home or property
  • Improves curb appeal and aesthetic appearance
  • A higher level of attention and care to plants, trees, and other outdoor elements

Landscape Design & Installation Process

We know that some homeowners and business owners are new to the landscape process or simply can't think of a landscape design that coincides with our area's climate. Our experienced team members will work one on one with you in a design consultation to brainstorm ideas and solutions to help you create your unique landscape design. During the design consultation, we'll discuss planting aspects such as plant choices, focal points, and mature plant sizes.

Once a landscape design is established, you have the choice of having your design rendered in:

  • Black and White or Full Color
  • 2D or 3D Form (using Dynascape and Uvision software)

During the installation process, our team members are attentive and place emphasis on balance and proportion while planting. Once complete, our team will conduct a final walkthrough to ensure everything was planted properly and all of your expectations have been met. After the installation, we provide regular maintenance for your greenery to make sure all of your plantings are well-groomed and receive proper attention.

We perform new installations as well as renovations to current landscape designs.

Landscape Planting Options

We offer a wide range of plants, flowers, and shrubs that you can include in your landscape design.

Flower and Shrub Options

  • Annual Flowers/Seasonal Color
  • Alliums
  • Hellebores
  • Geraniums (Rozanne)
  • Viburnum
  • Hydrangea
  • Boxwoods
  • Fall Mums

Landscape Shape Options

  • Circular
  • Rectangular
  • Open
  • Free-Flowing

Annual flowers have the option of being planted in-ground or in decorative seasonal pots.

Contact Us to Set Up a Design Consultation Today

We are an award-winning landscape design and installation company that's passionate about enhancing natural beauty! Trust us to make your landscaping dream a reality. If you own a residential, commercial, or HOA property in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, MI, or a nearby city, give us a call at (517) 333-7999 to set up a landscape design consultation today!