Here in Michigan, we experience a lot of rainfall throughout the year, especially between the months of March and October. If your property doesn't have an adequate drainage system, the rain could accumulate and pool on your lawn, causing damage to your grass and possibly even to your home or business! Fortunately, there are a variety of drainage solutions that you can have installed on your property to help redirect water away from it. Some popular drainage solutions include French drains, tile systems, dry creek beds, catch basins, and rain conductors. When it comes to choosing which option will be best for your property, it will depend on your specific situation, and you should reach out to a professional who will be able to survey your property and help you choose the best drainage solution for you.

Some popular drainage solutions to consider using include French drains, tile systems, dry creek beds, catch basins, and rain conductors.

When it comes to drainage solutions, there are a bunch of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for something that will double as an attractive feature on your property or would like something a little more subtle, there's an option for you. Some of the most popular drainage solutions that are available include:

  • French Drains - This type of drainage system is great if you're looking for something that is effective, yet subtle. This drainage system consists of a small trench that is covered by rocks and has a perforated pipe in it. When it rains, water will be funneled through the rocks, into the pipe, and redirected off of your property.
  • Drain Tile Systems - This type of drainage system is designed to prevent water from making its way into your basement!
  • Dry Creek Beds - Dry creek beds provide both beauty and drainage. As their name suggests, dry creek beds look like a natural creek when water flows through them, and they can truly enhance the aesthetic of your property while also redirecting water off of it.
  • Catch Basins - This drainage solution is installed underground and has a grate on top of it to prevent sticks and other types of debris from falling into it. Water will pour into the catch basin, and then be redirected off of your property through a pipe.
  • Rain Conductors - This type of drainage system is typically connected to a gutter and will take water from your gutter and redirect it away from your property.

In addition to having a drainage solution installed on your property, you can also have your property graded to help solve any flooding issues!

Which type of drainage solution is best?

When it comes to determining which type of drainage solution is best, there's not really a definitive answer. That's because they all serve their own unique purposes, and which one is best for your property will really depend on your specific situation and personal preferences. The best thing for you to do is to contact a professional to help you determine which drainage solution will be right for your property. They will take into account your specific needs and your aesthetic goals, and then help you choose the options that will be just right for you!

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