With spring just around the corner, you'll want to give your lawn lots of much-needed TLC. That's where the power of spring fertilization comes in! A spring fertilization treatment aids your lawn as it slowly emerges from being dormant in the winter, providing essential nutrients to help it recover from any stress and start the new growing season in great shape. It will also gear it up for the summer heat, which can be stressful for your cool-season grass in Michigan. To ensure it can get the most out of spring fertilization, you'll want to apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment in conjunction with it to keep weeds from causing problems in the first place.

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring helps it emerge from winter dormancy.

Winter can be very stressful for your grass. During this season, your lawn enters dormancy to preserve its energy and resources to survive the freezing temperatures. When the weather gets warm in the spring, you'll want to help it emerge from its winter slumber by applying a nourishing fertilizer treatment. A spring fertilization treatment will strengthen your grass and help it recover from any winter damage it may have sustained.

Fertilizers contain essential nutrients that will give your lawn a much-needed boost to rebuild its health and enter the new growing season in great shape. These nutrients will also fortify the roots of your grass and stimulate new growth!

Lawn fertilizers contain nitrogen and potassium, which are nutrients that give your grass its desirable green color and encourage root development.

Spring Fertilization Preps Your Grass for the Summer Heat

One of the most important powers of a spring fertilization treatment is that it helps prepare your grass for summer. Cool-season lawns struggle under the summer heat, and it's best to start prepping yours for the impending stress as early as possible. By fertilizing your lawn in the spring, you provide it with nutrients that bolster its health and build up its resistance so it can better endure the stress of the summer heat.

A spring fertilization treatment contains nutrients that encourage the growth of deeper and more robust roots. A vigorous root system allows your lawn to absorb and retain water and nutrients so it can withstand environmental stressors, such as heat and drought.

Accompany spring fertilization with a pre-emergent weed control treatment to get the best results.

A great way to ensure your lawn can maximize the nutrients from the spring fertilization treatment is to keep weeds from competing with it. Weeds steal nutrients from your grass and can make your turf look messy. So, you'll want to accompany it with a pre-emergent weed control application. Pre-emergents are highly effective at preventing weeds from breaking through the soil surface, which means you don't have to see them on your lawn in the first place. By applying it in the spring, you can ensure you get ahead of these pesky plants before a certain point in their growth cycle and keep them from popping up and stealing those valuable nutrients from the fertilization treatment.

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