Retaining walls are a fantastic addition to any property as they provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. The functional benefits that they can provide include helping to reduce soil erosion and adding usable, flat space to sloped properties. They can be built out of a variety of materials including stacked stones and riprap rock. Any property owner in Michigan can benefit from having a retaining wall installed on their property, especially those whose properties are built on a slope.

Retaining walls provide numerous functional benefits.

One of the major benefits of having a retaining wall installed on your property is the fact that they help reduce soil erosion. They do this by holding the soil in place against the anchored wall, so it can't wash away. Another functional benefit of retaining walls is that they can double as a seating wall. If you place the retaining wall in a strategic location such as next to a fire pit, it can function as a place for you and your guests to sit. If your property is on a slope, a retaining wall can be installed to reduce the slope and add usable, flat space to your property. This will allow you to use that new, flat space any way you would like.

You can add a raised planter bed to your retaining wall and fill it with the flowers and plants of your choice.

Retaining walls are available in numerous material and design options.

A grey stone retaining wall surrounding a raised landscape bed in Okemos, MI.

Retaining walls don't just provide functional benefits, they are also stunning features that can add to the overall aesthetics of your property. Here are some common materials that are used to build retaining walls:

  • Flat stacked stone - These stones are easy to install, making them a favorite choice when constructing retaining walls. Flat stacked stones have a natural look with unique textures that you'll love.
  • Riprap Rock - Riprap rocks are angular rocks that provide good erosion resistance while remaining low-maintenance. These durable rocks give you a more natural-looking wall on your property.
  • Boulder walls - Boulder retaining walls provide exceptional drainage, making them the ideal material if you plan to create planter beds along with your retaining wall.

These materials often come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to design a wall that perfectly blends in with the rest of your property.

Professional landscape companies will be able to walk you through your options and help you design a retaining wall that's just right for you!

What properties will benefit from a retaining wall?

Retaining wall for sloped property in Lansing, MI.

Retaining walls are functional and stylish and any property owner can benefit from having one installed on their property! They are particularly beneficial for properties that are built on a slope due to their ability to reduce soil erosion and add usable flat space. However, the versatility of retaining walls when it comes to design is unmatched, so properties on even surfaces will still experience their outstanding impacts.

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