The fall season is a beautiful time of the year, with colorful leaves and cooler weather. However, leaves and other debris can pile up in your yard in Michigan, plants can look messy, and grass can become overgrown. You need a good fall maintenance routine to prepare your yard for the winter! Fall maintenance should include leaf and debris removal from your lawn and landscape beds to ensure they can absorb and have enough resources to feed off of during dormancy. Trimming your plants in the fall is also essential to enhance their shape while improving air circulation and allowing more sunlight to reach other parts. Lastly, it's important to mow your grass one last time in the fall to ensure it's at the right height before it goes dormant.

Clean up debris and leaves from your lawn and landscape beds in the fall.

To successfully prepare your yard for the winter, your fall maintenance checklist should include leaf and debris cleanup. Piles of leaves and debris can cover your grass and landscape beds, smothering and inhibiting them from absorbing nutrients, receiving valuable sunlight, and having proper airflow. Moisture also builds up beneath leaves and debris, creating an ideal environment for fungal diseases and pests.

Being diligent in cleaning up the leaves and debris from your yard is essential for ensuring your lawn and plants are healthy and ready for the winter. Without this debris, they can access all the resources they need to fortify their health so they are in prime shape to survive dormancy.

Removing leaves and debris from your lawn and landscape will make your property tidy and more pristine!

Trim your plants in the fall to get them in top shape for winter.

Trimming your plants is another essential fall maintenance task that will prepare them for the winter. Trimming involves removing overgrown branches and leaves to tidy them up and get them manicured. It's the best way to enhance their shape and help them transition into the winter season looking their best. Aside from aesthetics, trimming also improves air circulation within the interior parts of your plants and allows more sunlight to filter through and reach other areas. Air and sunlight are essential to maintaining healthy growth, so you'll want to ensure your plants can absorb them in the fall for better winter survival!

Fall Maintenance Should Include the Last Mow of the Season

With the growing season slowly coming to an end, your fall maintenance should include the last mow for your grass. Having your lawn mowed one last time in the fall ensures it's at the right height to put it in the best position to withstand winter temperatures. To do this, you'll want to cut it half an inch shorter than usual.

Letting your grass grow too long before winter can be detrimental to its health. Long grass blades can easily get matted down under the weight of the snow, creating an ideal environment for winter diseases to thrive, like snow mold. Meanwhile, cutting your grass too short is also problematic because it'll leave it vulnerable to winter stress and potential damage.

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