Patios are great spaces for entertainment and spending time with the family, especially here in Michigan during months with nice weather. If you are planning on investing in a new paver patio, you'll have to consider what paver pattern you want to go with. Some popular paver patterns include herringbone, running bond, stack bond, and basket weave, all of which are great options to use, and which one you choose to go with will come down to your personal preference.

Consider herringbone if you want a mesmerizing paver pattern for your patio.

The herringbone paver pattern is made by using rectangular pavers in a weave-like pattern. By placing the pavers zig-zag, you can create a captivating sequence that is more fun and engaging to the eye than just simply placing your pavers side by side. A herringbone pattern creates diverse effects from different perspectives, so it will give your patio a unique look from every angle. You can also further customize this pattern with different color pavers, creating more depth to the layout of your outdoor space.

The herringbone pattern dates back as far back as the Roman Empire.

Use a running bond pattern for your patio if you want a clean, traditional look.

A running bond paver pattern is created by placing square or rectangular pavers side by side and staggering them every other row. It is less "busy" than the herringbone pattern, so if you prefer a cleaner, more uniform approach to your patio that still has a little bit of flair, then running bond would be an ideal choice. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can use different sizes and shapes for your pavers while using this pattern to make your patio appear a little more varied.

Choose a stack bond paver pattern if you like the minimalist approach to your patio.

Using a stack bond pattern can create a minimalist aesthetic for your new patio. Stack bond is one of the simplest of patterns and involves laying large square or rectangular pavers in straight lines. Stack bond is clean-cut, so if you want to draw attention to a different feature in your patio space, this pattern is a nice canvas to set the stage. A stack bond pattern can also help make a small layout appear larger, so if you are limited in space, this pattern will enable you to create a larger-looking patio area.

A basket weave paver pattern will create depth and variation for your patio.

There are various basket weave patterns, but the most basic basket weave pattern involves alternating between horizontal and vertical pavers to mimic the look of a woven basket. The basket weave pattern is perhaps the most "busy" of all four patterns and will, just like the herringbone, create a varied pattern that makes the space come alive with a maze-like design. This pattern has also been around for centuries and is often found in old European towns, so a basket weave pattern can give your patio some rustic charm that harkens back to older times.

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