Here in Michigan, grubs can cause big problems for property owners if they infest their lawns. These tiny pests feed on the roof of grass, and they can cause significant damage to lawns if they aren't dealt with in a timely manner. Luckily, there are preventative grub control treatments that are available that can eliminate grubs before they get the chance to start causing damage to your lawn. However, the treatments need to be applied at the right time for them to be effective because they do not work on grubs that are already past a certain point in their life cycle. If you skip preventative grub control, your lawn could become infested with grubs, and then you would have to schedule curative treatments to eliminate the infestation and then invest in lawn care services to help your lawn recover from any damage.

What is preventative grub control and how does it work?

When it comes to controlling grubs, the best offense is a good defense, and that's where preventative grub control treatments come in. As its name suggests, preventative grub control is designed to prevent grubs from infesting your lawn and destroying your grass. When this type of treatment is applied to your lawn, it will sink down into the soil and eliminate any newly hatched grubs before they have the chance to start feeding on the roots of your grass. By eliminating grubs at the early point in their life cycle, you'll be able to prevent your lawn from falling victim to their destructive ways.

If you skip out on preventative grub control, grubs could end up infesting your lawn!

While preventative grub control will cost you a little bit of money, it very likely could end up saving you money in the long run. That's because if you skip out on a preventative grub control treatment and grubs end up infesting your lawn, you'll need to schedule a curative treatment right away to eliminate them and prevent them from causing further damage to your turf. After the grub problem has been dealt with, you'll still likely be left with a lawn that has suffered some damage, and then you will need to invest in lawn care treatments like fertilization, aeration, and overseeding to help your lawn recover. So, instead of risking a grub infestation and then having to deal with eliminating them and helping restore your lawn's health, you should just play it safe and invest in a preventative treatment!

Symptoms of grub damage include brown spots on your lawn and your lawn feeling spongy when you walk on it.

When should you apply a preventative grub control treatment to your lawn?

When it comes to preventative grub control treatments, timing is everything. That's because this type of treatment is only effective at eliminating newly hatched grubs, and won't work on grubs that are already past a certain point in their life cycle. So, for the treatments to do their job, they need to be applied to your lawn at the right time. Here in Michigan, grubs become active in the mid-to-late summer, so for preventative treatments to be effective, they should be applied in May or June before they start hatching.

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