During the cooler months here in Michigan, cozying up around a fire pit is a lovely way to spend the evening and is the perfect place to entertain friends and family. Using a fire pit as a focal point is also a great way to boost the aesthetic of your outdoor living space. If you want a fire pit that caters to your exact needs, then designing a fire pit from scratch can provide you with the outdoor space you are looking for. Before the build, however, you should consider a few things including your fire pit's size and shape, what it will be made out of, and whether you want gas or wood to fuel it.

When designing a fire pit, consider its size and shape.

When designing a fire pit from scratch, you want to make sure that it will be the right size and shape so that it will fit into your property perfectly and will meet your aesthetic preferences. Depending on how large your outdoor space is, you might have to adjust the size of the fire pit's design for it to fit perfectly. First, scope out potential spots that are a safe distance away from any buildings or flammable foliage. Next, take down measurements for the space you like so you can determine if there is enough room to accommodate your fire pit.

When deciding where to build your fire pit, consider how many people you'll need to accommodate. You need enough space for walking around the fire pit as well as sitting, and if you intend to host parties around the fire, you'll have to make the fire pit area large enough to comfortably do so. Once you've got the size down for the design of your fire pit, then move on to choosing a shape that matches your aesthetic preferences. Most fire pit designs include the following shapes: circles, squares, and rectangles.

Installing a custom fire pit is a great investment because it can increase your property's value.

When designing a fire pit from scratch, consider what materials you want to use.

Choosing the right material for your fire pit is important because you need to make sure it can withstand the heat as well as the environmental conditions it will be subjected to. Natural and cultured stone, as well as concrete pavers, are recommended fire-safe materials. Natural stone is a wonderful choice for a rustic look, and since no two stones are exactly alike, each piece of your fire pit will be unique. Similarly, cultured stone will also produce a natural look, but this option gives you a wider variation of colors to choose from and looks more uniform than natural stone. Concrete pavers can also be used and will create a more minimalist, traditional look for your custom fire pit.

Decide what fuel source you want for your custom-designed fire pit.

You can't go wrong with either gas or wood fire pits, but you'll have to decide which you prefer when it comes to their benefits and upkeep. A gas fire pit doesn't produce smoke, is easy to start, and requires minimal cleanup, though you'll need to set up the gas line for it to function, which can make the installation price steeper.

A wood fire pit requires more to start a fire as you'll have to do it manually, and it requires more maintenance for cleanup. However, a wood fire pit is also very atmospheric due to the cracks and pops from the burning wood, and the smell of whatever wood you've chosen to burn can give your outdoor space an appealing aroma.

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