Fertilization and weed control are both crucial lawn care services. Fertilization treatments supply your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong, while weed control treatments eradicate unruly weeds from your lawn. It is exceptionally important to always pair your fertilization and weed control treatments. If you elect one service over the other, then your grass will suffer the consequences. But if you choose both, your lawn will flourish and reach its full potential. Continue reading to learn more about why it's important to never do one service without the other.

What happens if you fertilize your lawn but don't apply weed control?

Weeds stealing nutrients in lawn in Lansing, MI.

Fertilization is an important lawn care service. Fertilizer supplies your grass with key nutrients that power healthy growth and help your turf stay in top condition throughout the year. Two of the most important nutrients found in fertilizer are nitrogen and potassium. Together, they enrich the greenness of your grass, promote root growth, and enable your turf to withstand environmental stress.

If you want a lush, vibrant lawn, then fertilization is a service you cannot skip. It is critical, however, that you pair your fertilization and weed control services. If you fertilize your lawn but don't apply weed control, then you are giving your weeds unrestricted access to the same nutrients as your grass. This will cause the weeds to become bigger, stronger, and even more of an eyesore on your lawn.

Weeds steal nutrients from your grass and weaken your lawn over time.

What happens if you use weed control without fertilizer?

Weed free lawn without fertilizer in East Lansing, MI.

Weed control is another vital lawn care service. Weed control treatments utilize herbicides that kill weeds and eliminate them from your grass. There are two types of weed control treatments: pre-emergent and post-emergent. Pre-emergent treatments prevent weeds from breaching the surface of your lawn, while post-emergent treatments eradicate weeds after they have already popped up on your lawn.

If you want a weed-free lawn, then weed control is a service you cannot overlook. It is imperative, however, that you combine your weed control and fertilization services. If you apply weed control to your turf but don't use fertilizer, then your grass will be free of weeds but will not have the nutrients it needs to thrive. Without those nutrients, your lawn will not be as thick, dense, and resilient as it could be with the aid of fertilizer.

Pair your lawn fertilization and weed control treatments for the best results.

Lawn fertilization and weed control are complementary services that yield the best results when paired together. A property that receives both fertilization and weed control treatments gets the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong and isn't riddled with pesky weeds. When you combine these treatments, your lawn becomes thicker, lusher, and better able to withstand environmental stress such as:

  • Weather changes
  • Turf diseases
  • Insect infestations

A yard that receives only fertilization or weed control will never be as strong as it could be with both treatments. Ideally, these treatments should be applied a handful of times every year between the months of April and November. Performing continual treatments every 6 to 8 weeks during the growing season enables your turf to flourish and enhances the aesthetic of your property.

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