Mowing your lawn in Michigan is essential to maintaining its manicured look and good health. However, you want to avoid doing this right after it rains because clumps of wet grass can clog up your lawn mower. Not only that, but it'll also form ruts in the soil, as it's not firm enough to hold the mower's weight. It also won't cut cleanly since the grass isn't as uniform and upright when wet, so it'll likely rip the blades. Additionally, mowing your lawn after it rains increases the chances of spreading fungal diseases. With all these reasons in mind, it's best to wait to do this until it dries so you can prevent causing unnecessary stress and damage.

Mowing Your Lawn After It Rains Can Clog Up Your Mower

One reason not to mow your lawn after it rains is because it can clog up your mower. Because the grass is wet, it clumps together after being cut, which can get caught in its blades and hinder its performance or even damage it. It also makes it more difficult for you to clean, especially when it gets built up underneath. Because of this, it's best to wait until after your lawn completely dries before mowing it.

Ruts can form in the soil if you don't wait to mow your lawn after it rains.

Another reason to avoid mowing your lawn after it rains is that it can cause ruts to form. This happens because the soil is too damp and isn't firm enough to hold the mower's weight, so it'll sink into it and create unappealing ruts. However, this doesn't just drag down your turf's curb appeal but also causes the soil to compact. Compaction hinders its ability to absorb vital resources and nutrients, which can impact its overall health. Rather than possibly causing even more problems than when you started, you'll want to wait until it's dry before bringing out the lawn mower.

Your Lawn Mower Won't Cut Cleanly When It's Wet & Will Likely Rip the Grass Blades

Getting less-than-ideal results is another reason to refrain from mowing your lawn after it rains. After all, when the grass is wet, it's not standing as straight and upright as it does when dry. As a result, your lawn mower won't cut it cleanly but will rather likely rip the grass blades. Not only can this make your lawn appear choppy and uneven, but it'll also weaken it and make it more susceptible to potential stressors, including diseases and insect infestations. The best way to avoid these issues is by waiting until it's dry to mow.

Mowing your lawn after it rains can spread fungal diseases.

The last thing you want is a fungal disease to infect your turf, but that's what can happen when you mow it after it rains. Lawn diseases thrive in moist conditions and can spread via a mower. Combine that with your grass being more prone to infection when torn by unclean cuts, and you can have a full-known problem on your hands. So, the best thing to do is wait until your lawn is dry before mowing.

Common lawn diseases in Michigan that can spread via lawn mower include dollar spot, rust, and leaf spot.

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