Have you ever looked around your property in Michigan after heavy rainfall and noticed puddles scattered across your lawn? If so, this is a clear indication that your property is not draining water the way it is supposed to and if it is not resolved quickly, extensive damage could occur to your lawn. The good news is there are four drainage options that can help you solve the drainage issues on your property: French drains, dry creek beds, catch basins, and rain conductors. These drainage options are used to redirect water flow to prevent excess water from sitting on your property. Read on to learn more about these drainage options so you can choose which one will be best for your property.

1. French Drains

French drain being installed with perforated pipes covered in tarp to keep out the dirt.

A French drain is a very useful and efficient option if you are noticing puddles across your lawn. A small trench is dug up in your yard and a perforated pipe is then placed in that trench. Then, the pipe will be covered by rocks or gravel so it can not be seen. When it rains, water will travel through the pipe and be redirected off of your property to prevent standing water from forming on your lawn.

2. Dry Creek Beds

A beautiful dry creek bed drainage system with rocks of varying colors.

Dry creek beds are a great drainage option to have installed on your property because they provide a unique combination of style and functionality. This type of drainage system is used to redirect the flow of water away from your property. Dry creek beds are usually built by digging a small trench in your lawn and then covering that trench with rocks. When it rains, water will be redirected off of your property through the dry creek bed. What's more, as its name implies, this type of drainage option will look like a natural running creek when it rains, giving you an aesthetically pleasing drainage solution.

3. Catch Basins

Catch basin installed in a lawn to drain any pooling water after a lot of rain.

Catch basins are another drainage solution for you to consider adding to your property. Catch basins are installed underground with a grate on top. As water flows into the catch basin, it will be redirected off of your property through a pipe located inside of the catch basin. Typically, a catch basin is installed next to a downspout or in areas of your property where water collects the most.

Catch basins need to be cleaned periodically to ensure that they are able to function correctly.

4. Rain Conductors

Rain conducter being installed underground at the base of a house to remove water from the foundation.

Rain conductors are typically attached to a gutter and equipped with a funnel-shaped head that directs water into a downspout and deposits it away from your property. A rain conductor's main purpose is to eliminate the toll that rainwater can take on your property's foundation and help reduce the risk of your nearby landscape beds being washed out. This is a great drainage solution to add to your property, especially if your property has a lot of drainage issues next to the foundation of your home or business.

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