Hiring a lawn mowing company in Michigan may not seem like a difficult decision but in actuality, not all companies are equal and you'll need to take your time to ensure you pick the right one. Here are three questions to ask a lawn mowing company before hiring them. First, ask if the company follows best practices. Best mowing practices include rotating mowing patterns, sharpening blades, and adjusting the height of the mower deck according to your turf type. Next, you'll want to know if the company offers different mowing schedules. This allows you to pick a schedule and you can change your mind if needed. Finally, you should ask about what is included in each visit. A lawn mowing company should not just mow your lawn. Professionals should also string-trim, edge, and blow debris off of hardscapes. Asking about these seemingly small details can help you select the perfect lawn mowing company.

1. Does the lawn mowing company follow best mowing practices?

A professional taking care of his mower by sharpening the blade.

Before hiring a lawn mowing company, it's important to know whether the company follows best mowing practices or not. By committing to these practices, companies can maintain your lawn effectively, promoting healthy plant growth and helping your lawn look fantastic. Before hiring a company, ask them if they:

  • Rotate their mowing patterns - By rotating mowing patterns each visit, a company can help the grass blades in your lawn grow straight and prevent ruts from forming.
  • Sharpen the blades on their mower regularly - Dull mower blades can rip and tear your grass. This can weaken the grass, discourage growth, and make your lawn susceptible to lawn diseases.
  • Adjust the height of the mower deck - A company should take your turf type into consideration and adjust the height of the mower deck accordingly. If not, the company could cut too much or too little.

By rotating the mowing pattern during each visit, you can help to prevent your soil from becoming compacted.

2. Does the lawn mowing company offer different mowing schedules?

Aerial view of a professional mower maintaining a lawn.

In Michigan, many different factors can affect how often your lawn needs to be mowed, including seasonal changes and different turf types. So, you should look for a company that offers different mowing schedules. This way, you can jump between weekly and biweekly mowing depending on the specific needs of your lawn.

3. Does the lawn mowing company include string-trimming, edging, and blowing debris off of your hardscapes?

A person is edging a lawn next to the sidewalk in an East Lansing neighborhood.

Each visit, a lawn mowing company should string-trim, edge, and blow debris off of your hardscapes. To achieve a flawless lawn, professionals should go above and beyond with their service. Here's what each of these services includes:

  • String-trimming: Professionals use a power trimmer to even your lawn by cutting hard-to-reach areas. This helps your lawn look smooth and balanced.
  • Edging: Professionals use a power edger to create a distinct line between your lawn and near hardscapes. This prevents your lawn from looking uneven near sideways, driveways, and other hard surfaces.
  • Blowing: Professionals should blow grass cuttings, dirt, and other debris off of hard surfaces. This can prevent your hardscapes from looking filthy after your lawn was mowed.

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When it comes to hiring a company to mow your lawn, you'll want to make sure you choose the right one so your lawn always looks neat and manicured without sustaining any damage. At Outdoor Expressions Landscaping, we follow best mowing practices, offer different mowing schedules, and include string-trimming, edging, and blowing debris off of hardscapes with our lawn mowing service. We offer this service to property owners in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, and other nearby areas in Michigan. Call us at (517) 333-7999 to schedule this service today.