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Lawn aeration equipment servicing a lawn in East Lansing, MI.

Aeration Services in East Lansing, Okemos, & Haslett, Michigan

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We offer core aeration to properties in and around East Lansing, Okemos, and Haslett, MI.

Aeration will relieve soil compaction and improve nutrient absorption.

Lawn with core aeration service in East Lansing, MI.

If your turf is starting to look patchy and weak, compacted soil may be the culprit. Between heavy foot traffic and heavy rainfall, your soil has probably become pretty compacted over the summer months. This hinders the ability of your roots to receive enough nutrients, water, and sunlight to thrive, therefore, resulting in a less-than-stellar lawn. Thankfully, core aeration is the perfect solution to this problem.

Aerating your lawn in the fall or the spring will relieve soil compaction and improve nutrient absorption to strengthen your turf. For the best results, we highly recommend scheduling our overseeding service as well to fill in your patchy areas. We offer our services to homes and businesses in East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, and surrounding communities in Michigan.

Our Aeration Process

Core aeration is the process of creating tiny holes in your soil to loosen it up. This primarily relieves soil compaction, however, it also reduces thatch. With loosened soil, your turf's roots will be able to receive better access to essential nutrients, water, and sunlight.

To create the holes in your soil, we use a commercial aerator. This machine pulls plugs of soil from your lawn that are about 3 inches long. We travel over your lawn with our aerator, making sure to hit every spot so that no area is left untouched. This ensures that your whole lawn will benefit equally from our core aeration service and all roots will receive better access to the essential nutrients they need to grow deep and strong.

When can you schedule our core aeration service?

One crucial factor our experts consider when aerating your lawn is timing. Aeration is best performed during the active growing season of your grass; that is why we perform our core aeration service mainly in the fall. We start aerating lawns in early October when the soil and air temperatures are just right to avoid causing any unnecessary stress on your lawn.

While fall is the best season to aerate, you can also schedule in the spring when necessary. This season is not ideal because your grass is emerging out of winter dormancy and is weaker than it is in the fall. However, spring is another great growing season for your grass, so it can benefit from core aeration if needed.

We recommend scheduling our core aeration services annually to encourage a more robust root system for your turf.

Go the extra mile for your lawn and schedule overseeding with your core aeration service.

Lawn core aeration infographic for services in East Lansing, MI.

Core aeration will help your roots grow stronger and deeper, thus resulting in greener, more robust grass. However, to fill in those patchy areas completely, you will need our overseeding service as well. Overseeding directly after aeration will give the new seeds the best chance of germinating and growing the lush lawn that you've always dreamed of. We overseed with a premium blend of Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass seeds.

Say goodbye to your weak, patchy lawn. Call today to schedule our core aeration service!

Core aeration is the answer to compacted soil. It allows essential nutrients, water, and sunlight to reach your roots and grow a perfectly robust lawn. Our company has been serving the East Lansing, MI area, including Okemos and Haslett, since 2002. You can trust our team to give you our very best and help you grow your lawn into the one you've always dreamed of. Call our team today at (517) 333-7999 to schedule our core aeration service!