Snow and Ice Removal

Clearing the way, when you need it most.   

World Class Commercial & Residential Snow and Ice Removal Services

The winter season is right around the corner. Soon our falling colorful leaves will be replaced by sheets of lush ice and snow, but that does not mean we have to let it affect our sidewalks and driveways. Here at Outdoor Expressions, we provide top-notch ice and snow removal services in Lansing, MI. We tend to multiple properties spanning across East Lansing, Greater Lansing and Mid-Michigan as we pride ourselves in our ability to strategically tackle commercial ice and snow removal. 

Our Services

The Outdoor Expressions experts and snow professionals utilize cutting edge technology to predict the weathers effects on the roads. They accurately determine how snow melts, the effects of long or short term freezing, and the state of the snow & ice removal areas (driveways, walkways, and parking lots) when engulfed in snow or when the snow is finally removed. 

Our services include, but are not limited to: snow plowing, snow shoveling, snow hauling, salting, and ice removal management. Each customer has the substantial freedom in choosing where and how they would like to apply our expertise. Committed and exceptionally prepared, we will examine the site to the utmost details to ensure that our accommodations measure up to your standards. 

Outdoor Expressions has unwaveringly continued to provide thousands of snow services for numerous homeowners and commercial properties during every Michigan snow season. Our accomplishments are garnered through our tireless efforts to target and remove or manage affected snow areas, with the client’s input wholeheartedly considered. Our unique resources establish our brand as one of the most prominent and effective snow and ice removal companies in the industry. We take your safety as our greatest priority and we provide our clients full access to our weather care and maintenance faculties. 

Where We Remove

We will effectively remove and manage snow and ice hazards plaguing your home and businesses. We can remove snow and ice from your driveways, walkways and parking lots. Managing our own service crew, we continue to exceed proficiency with weather monitoring, scheduling, dispatching, and equipment purchase and selection; reducing the customer’s strain of liability. Outdoor Expressions also offers flexible pricing options to fully accommodate your home, business and locational needs. Anyone can grab a shovel themselves but utilizing a snow removal service will effectively free your time to focus on your business and family during the snow season. 

Commercial Snow & Ice Removal

Outdoor Expressions can remove snow from a variety of large commercial and non-residential properties. These include, but are not limited to, schools, business centers, apartment complexes, and shopping centers. As these are high traffic areas, in terms of both vehicles and feet, getting snow and ice removed from all surfaces is imperative. Every year, an estimated one million people are injured from slipping and falling on ice. Worse, an average of 17,000 people a year die from falling on ice. As for vehicles, more than 116,000 are injured and 1,300 killed due to accidents on snow-packed or icy roads. This will leave any business or government entity open to lawsuits. Businesses will also be impacted as employees, clients, or deliveries will be unable to access the building or complex. When a significant snow or ice storm hits, contact us. Our professional snow removal technicians are available 24 hours a day to come out and make sure your place of business, school, or complex is safe to navigate.

Prepare for winter by contacting us today, and we’ll guarantee you top notch ice and snow removal service.