Residential Landscaping

Outdoor living is our passion.

We’ll transform your outdoor living space to beautifully complement your lifestyle.  From concept phase to final completion, our team is focused on bringing your vision to life, drawing on our expert knowledge of horticulture and hardscape design to create sustainable outdoor environments that reflect the natural surroundings of your home and personal tastes. If you don’t have an idea in mind, you can work one-on-one with our team to create outdoor living space ideas that meet what you’re looking for. We understand that coming up with landscaping ideas for Michigan’s climate can be challenging, but we have solutions for you and your home! 


  • Design consultation
  • Full-service maintenance
  • Experts in plant care
  • Hardscape professionals


Have you ever wondered what professional landscaping could do for your Lansing, Michigan property? In fact, it can radically transform the appearance of your home, improve your quality of life, raise the value of your property, increase your home's curbside appeal, and allow you to express your own unique sense of style. If you like being outside during the warm months and want outdoor spaces where you can relax, appreciate nature, marvel at a stunning view or enjoy outdoor meals, professional landscaping can give you that and more. 


Grass and Tress Provide Cooler Temperatures

Greenery on your property can reduce indoor and outdoor temperatures. You can save money on air conditioning while you enjoy a cool oasis whenever you step outside. Shade trees and shrubs can reduce window glare and even lower attic temperatures by up to 40 degrees. 


Plants Thrive With Proper Pruning

Plants, shrubs, lawns, tress, and flowers require regular maintenance to look their best. Healthy and well-groomed greenery is much more attractive than neglected vegetation, and even the fanciest landscaping can't disguise unhealthy foliage. There's no substitute for old-fashioned good grooming, and regular maintenance will keep your greenery looking lush in summer and strong enough to hold its own in winter. 


The Difference That Hardscaping and Stone Walls Can Make

Adding stone walls and hardscaping to an area of greenery provides a contrast that's appealing to the eye. Stone fountains, waterfalls, stone pathways and fire pits all add an extra visual dimension to your landscaping. Stone walls can provide privacy and define outdoor living areas. Stone can be used to create tiered pathways, provide seating or enhance a garden. Retaining walls can even prevent soil erosion if your home is situated on a hill.


The Soothing Effects of Water

Whether you envision a relaxing waterfall, a trickling stream or something completely different, an experienced landscape architect can bring your dream to fruition. You can use water to create calming sounds, build a peaceful goldfish pond or a koi pond or fashion a stone birdbath to attract your feathered friends. 


Outdoor Living Areas Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Researchers have found that looking at green plants reduces blood pressure and improves memory and attention. People living in green areas report lower stress levels and reduced medical costs. 

The residential landscaping artists at Outdoor Expressions are passionate about natural beauty. We offer free consultation for Lansing homeowners, and we can make your landscaping dream a reality. First, we'll listen to you during our brainstorming session. Next, we'll work with you to achieve the desired effect. Visit us online to learn about the residential landscaping services we offer or to view our work. When you're ready, give us a call and let's talk about your ideas!