Our Process

We truly take pride in the work we do and believe our success starts with listening to our clients. Whether it’s a large-scale public installation or an intimate family garden, our mission is to ensure that your landscape comes to life exactly the way you dreamed it.  We design with you by asking questions and listening closely, letting the design unfold as nature allows.


This is the early part of our engagement where we get to know you, the site, the views, existing vegetation, topography, surrounding architecture, and ask a lot of questions. How will the space be used?  What’s your vision?  What images do you have in mind?  What can be repurposed?  This is the phase where we conduct the necessary research to generate thoughtful design solutions. These conversations are the foundation for designing the right outdoor space for you. 


This phase involves exploring possibilities based on fact finding, budgets and time estimates. We generate loose drawings and provide images to convey our ideas.  We collaborate with you to make sure that whatever we propose is reasonable, functional, sustainable, and above all, beautiful!   We present choices on materials, color schemes, water features, hardscapes, and show details for everything from steps and gates, to lighting and plant selection.  Lastly, we’ll discuss a maintenance plan for year-long care and presentation.  We help you make all the final decisions for the right design to match your budget. 

Project Management

Once a project is approved, the next step is all about managing installation and meeting your expectations.  Of course, every custom project is different, but the way we manage them remains the same.   We bring on the most knowledgeable and reliable staff for installation.  We create safe working environments that respect our employees and client privacy. We deliver the final touches to finish projects on-time and within budget, all the while enjoying the day-to-day pleasure of the work we do!