About Us

Creativity Fueled by Nature.

Under the dedicated co-ownership of Dan Crow and Matt Jones, Outdoor Expressions are committed to partnering with clients to create beautiful, custom, outdoor gardens and living spaces with an authentic look and feel, focused on enhancing native topography and plant species.  Since 2002, Outdoor Expressions have cultivated a loyal following throughout Greater Lansing and Mid-Michigan by creating residential and commercial landscapes that invite rather than dictate, and by exceeding client expectations with every planting, pruning, trimming, paving, and more! 

  • Outdoor Expressions favors sustainable design, combining unique plant material with high-quality stone, water features, and other hardscape elements.  We select the best quality and most appropriate plant and building materials to bring outdoor design to life.  
  • Creating environmentally apt landscapes and ‘repurposement’ are hallmarks of our design approach.  Whether incorporating an existing crumbling wall as a backdrop for a rustic garden or framing a space with reclaimed wood, we bring found beauty and high-end polish to any finished garden. 
  • Outdoor Expressions’ high-caliber staff is knowledgeable in all facets of perfecting and maintaining a landscape.  We hire and retain the very best in the industry so clients can be assured of solid project management, superior workmanship, and impeccable customer service.